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In my quest to visit many of the former eastern block countries, spent five nights in Belgrade Serbia Belgrade is by no means a pretty city as the chaotic socialist past is mixed with the new and then you still have remnants of the ottoman and roman empire altogether. Hotel accommodations in the very interesting city are very reasonable( stayed at the “Hilton”- perhaps the best hotel I ever stayed at).

Belgrade is spread out and getting from around does take time even though taxis and buses are widespread( beware of the taxi scams, only ride a taxi with TX on the license plate). Serbian people are very friendly, prices are great with many bargains to be had. I did the segway Grand Tour ( which gave a great perspective of the city both the old and new, got to see the most significant landmark “Beogradska Tvrđava” an imposing and massive fortress at the confluence of the Danube and the Sava rivers. This fortress will take you at least a day to walk around. A visit to the memorial and “Marshall Tito” mausoleum who kept Yugoslavia in tact, this is a MUST visit for any history buff as well as the church of St Sava is worth a few hours. Wandering the street and locating street art is a hobby and there were a few gems, Food in Serbia is very good but the meals tend to focus on meat and more meats.

A day trip to the lovely town of Novi Sad the second largest city in Serbia built along the banks of the Danube is a must-visit, vineyard stops were also included and a visit to a very old and active monastery was included in the city visit. A possible return to this city is in the cards.

On a final note, just wanted to post a VERY honest and reliable taxi service;


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