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Metz and the Joan of Arc pilgrimage

Metz is a lovely town located south of Luxemburg and west of the German border. Stayed at Residhome ( a type of extended stay hotel with a much needed kitchen (two burners/slow internet) very close to the train station. Got a great rental car from “Enterprise”(DO NOT book on the internet as the rates in the office are much lower), to start my Joan of Arch pilgrimage I drove to Domremy La Pucelle a very small village where Joan d’ Arc was born visited saw her house, church and ate lunch in the courtyard, then headed north to Vaucouleurs this is where Joan of arc asked the governor for assistance and gathered the troops, walked the ruins of the castle(very helpful tourist office). Following my Joan of Arc pilgrimage route I headed to Nancy and the famous gates and palace Stanislas ( lovely town square (be aware that finding a parking spot in France is a challange). Overall an easy drive and got to see a lot of small French villages.

Finally back at Metz(stayed 4 nights) stopped at the oldest church is France (the building is empty). Got to see the awesome Metz Cathedral known as saint Etienne ( which features the largest expanse of stained glass in the world..Wow, did the paddle boat on the lake, lots to do in this town that is off the beaten trail.


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