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Aruba-Fun + Sand Sailing

Been to Aruba numerous occasions and every time I visit the island I find something fun to do, this time I opted for “Land Sailing”. Contact through email( was very simple and I was sent very accurate bus instructions. I arrived at the Blue huts(on the beach) and lucked out by having “Remco” as our instructor/guide.


Bus instructions; If you want to take the bus to the location it is very simple, as you exit the cruise port cross the main street and you will see the bus station/terminal. Buy your ticket(dollars are accepted) and get on the “arubus” . The bus will take you to a stop by the Ritz hotel( it is the last stop), walk to the beach the area is called the fisherman’s huts and you will see the blue huts. A must activity for the active person, happy land sailing.

Next time in Aruba I wanted to see Arikok National Park. However, no matter who I contacted, no vendor was available, so, instead, I took a chance and just walked off the ship, testing my luck which, alas, also proved fruitless. 

Many vendors as you come off the ship are trying to sell you snorkeling tours or transportation to beaches where you can snorkel; but I had done my homework and discovered there is perhaps one good snorkeling location on the island while the rest of the locations are reefs that are dead and filled with tourists hoping to see something besides a few corals. Plan B was to grab the local free tram for a run around the city, but due to inclement weather conditions, the trams were not running. So I fell back on plan C and just walked around aimlessly without a purpose but lucked into discovering (too late!) Aruba Bob Snorkeling – the real snorkeling guru outfit … maybe next time.

A few places to put on your list is the lighthouse, the chapel, rock formations and to the mangroves for which was pretty decent for snorkeling.


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