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Finally a getaway- St Pete/Clearwater & Houston

St Pete/Clearwater;

It has been quite a few months since I took a trip(all my trips were canceled due to Covid-19) I decided to book a flight from Atlanta to Tampa just to get away and perhaps start to feel normal. Booking was easy, boarding and the flight exceeded my expectations, never felt unsafe. The only challenge was getting my rental car at the Tampa airport, besides that all went well. I booked my stay at “Sleep Inn Clearwater/St Pete” a nice small hotel nothing fancy that is located between Tampa, Clearwater and St Pete. The Clearwater beach was great not crowded and everyone seems to behave(pic), the indoor flow rider at Clearwater beach was fun but challenging..

Downtown St Pete was lovely, but once again certain areas were blocked, I wanted to visit the Dali museum but was unable due to strange hrs.. Overall a fun 4night getaway.


A few weeks later decide to jump back on a plane headed to Houston, stayed downtown at the Sam Houston(Hilton), the downtown area is lovely to walk around, however, due to the extremely hot weather had to limit my walks, the tunnels(below the downtown area) are great to walk but once again many establishments were closed. Another fun 3 night getaway... If you're looking to take a short trip, highly recommend flight as airfare is very cheap and hotels are looking for business.Note; you will be required to wear a face mask, but that was not an issue.


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