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Me getting a beach massage in Acapulco(photo above).

Acapulco was a port many thought would be trashy and not worth getting off the boat. We found that this couldn’t be further from the truth. After research on the internet I decided our beach for the day would be Pie de la Cuesta or sunset beach as it is known by the locals for its spectacular sunsets. It was just as I imagined – quiet and peaceful – horses available for riding, waves plentiful for body surfing, oil ready to soothe those aching muscles, and margaritas ready to top it all off! There was also a lagoon area for jet skiing, water skiing, and kayaking. The best part of this particular area would the the Huachinango a la Talla (grilled red snapper opened in a butterfly style with a special red sauce) with hand made tortillas and other sauces to enjoy a great lunch, usually sold by the kilogram. There are a few restaurants in the area where you can put down your towel at – such as Tres Marias club, and Club Vaymas.

Getting to beach – take a cab – priced at about $30 one-way (espanol helps). Or, for the more adventurous, you can take a bus. The bus you have to take to Pie de la Cuesta is one in particular. The bus to take MUST read on its windshield ‘PIE DE LA CUESTA‘ – ‘LUCES‘ some will also read ‘PLAYA‘. There are other buses that will also read Pie de la Cuesta but will NOT read Luces – DON’T TAKE THOSE. The reason for this is that once you get to the Pie de la Cuesta area, the road divides in two. One will drive you right through Pie De La Cuesta beach (where you want to go), but the other will take you to where the locals live and there is no beach there. Once you see that the right bus, all you have to do is choose where you want to get off and yell BAJAN! that means “I’m getting off”. The bus drivers will usually stop for you if the bus is not going too fast.

Acapulco Cliff Divers – we went to see this event right after debarking the ship. It takes about 1 hour to do the entire thing but it is a must-see for everyone – no need to take the cruise tour or any other tours being sold on the streets – just find a cab driver who will take you to the cliffs and pay your way in once you get there! For $3.00 you can walk about 60 steps to the mirador area (up close) but it’s usually crowded and no guarantees of being up front to enjoy the show, with one drink included. If you are interested in the evening show – highly recommended as they dive with torches – a cab will charge you $8.00 (1 to 4 persons) to $12.00 (5 to 8 persons) each way depending on the number of persons in you group if your interested in seeing the evening show and not be part of an hourly rate arrangement.


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