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Lake Garda-Extreme adventure

Looking for some extreme adventure I was able to get in contact with Xadventure Outdoor near Lake Garda and booked the canyoning descend. To reach our meeting point we took the train from Verona to Peri( a quick 24 minute ride) where we met Vivian one of our guides. Canyoning around Lake is quite challenging and depending on where you start the drops are quite steep and you will not see the bottom. In some areas the rocks were very narrow but the waterfalls are beautiful. We took the challenge and opted for the “medium level”, this level consists of 6 waterfalls (the highest is 80 + feet) along with a few jumps and slides. All the necessary equipment was provided prior to our long 30-40 minute uphill walk which includes getting fastened and pulling on ropes throughout the trail.Once at the starting point we dawned our equipment and following a few jumps into water holes we started. Words can not describe the vastness and beauty of the canyon, a few places that we dropped I was unable to see the bottom and that is scary, following our first descend we got to the three waterfalls in a row, no room for error or going back but we managed. An amazing and challenging day with incredible scenery. You only live once.


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