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Alesund-Norwegian Fjords

Lovely town, we lucked out with a beautiful sunny day of about 68 degrees. As you leave the ship, you are handed a map of the town by tourist “ambassadors” who are on the streets near the harbor, and there is also a tourist office about a 5 minute walk from the dock. To get to the center of town from the dock – simply walk along the channel right in front of the ship, to the main harbor. There is an ATM in the ‘mall’ in the city center if you need cash. My wife and I decided to first walk to the Aksla Mountain with the Fjellstua viewpoint on top, walking up the path with the 418 steps. The path/steps are zigzag, and not difficult a climb, although it is a medium fitness level of activity. After climbing the steps, we went back to (a business on the water, also in the city center, where you can get active tours/excursions or rent bikes and kayaks). We rented bikes and then headed off to the Sunnmøre Museum, which is a history of Alesund and its people from the Stone Age to the 1900s. 45 minutes later, after taking one wrong turn, we arrived at the Museum. Entrance to the museum was about 80 NOK pp (about $13 USD). Sunnmøre is an outdoor museum of cabins and boats that have been well-preserved and/or restored; it is also an activity center/park with some hiking and boat rentals available. After walking around, grabbing a bite to eat, seeing the Viking ship and boat collection, we headed on over to the “Borgund Stave” Church which is the most popular place for weddings in the area. It was actually located near one of the hiking trails of Sunnmore; we must have seen at least 3 brides in the short 30 minutes we were there. We then biked back to Alesund and around the city center for a brief look at the town (very busy with pedestrians!) and then biked to the small red lighthouse at the harbor entrance before returning our bikes and walking back to the ship.


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