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Azores- San Miguel & Punta Delgada

Wanting to go someplace different so I hopped on a flight to the middle of the Atlantic ocean landing on the island of San Miguel, the city of Punta Delgada in the Azores. This lovely island has numerous breathtaking lakes formed from extinct volcanoes, loads of hiking trails, waterfalls, surfing waves and decent prices. Punta Delgada the capital of the Azores archipelago of Portugal is the main city on the island and is easy to maneuver. After getting my bearings I hopped a bus to explore the central part of the island visiting; the town of Riberia Granda(listed on the world surfing tour), hiked “Salto de Cabrito waterfall” but the best was the viewpoint “Lagoa do fogo” which is the crater lake in the center of the island, this breathtaking magnificent view of four lakes two of which I could only see ( the green and the blue lake) inside the volcano was awesome. The island was celebrating a festival(guess they heard cruisinbob was in town) and I watched a parade of local performers, floats, local farmers and bands celebrating the island’s religious heritage, this place does not disappoint.

Rented a bike and decided to explore Punta Delgada, amazing scenery, lovely swimming spots, unique architecture, street art and friendly locals. This place continues to exceed expectations.

To get to the western side of San Miguel island, I rode the local bus to ”Lagoa das empadadas” a lagoon where the water feeds two volcanic craters, my walking path was landscaped with various colored azaleas, but following my 15 minute walk in the light drizzle and fog I got to the view point only to be sadly disappointed that the area was covered by clouds, oh well on the move. Next stop was village of Sete Cidades which is a village that is located in the center of a volcanic crater. This location is one of the 7 Natural Wonders of Portugal, the village sits on the shores of gigantic Green and Blue Lakes, I bike around crossed the bridge and then took the bus to the “King’s View” lookout which also sits the abandoned ruins of the 5 star hotel Monte Palace. Views galore.

A few helpful hints if you are considering visiting the Azores and Ponta Delgada;

Most of the city streets are narrow but the highway is fine filled with many winding roads. If you are planning a stay, the town center had a lot to offer. I stayed at a very nice hotel decent price and superb location-

The city marina is lovely and the wine from the street vendors is top notch.

-Tours;Pedro Azores Tours


Adventure- If you are looking for canyoing fun check out;Azores active blueberry-

-Getting to the important sites and do not want to drive suggest you do like I did ;Yellow bus tours-


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