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Barcelona, getting to the cruise terminal

There are two arrival terminals at the Barcelona airport: if you are arriving into Terminal 1 (T1), you will not be able to walk straight to the train station; you will need to take a Green shuttle bus from outside the terminal. Just follow the signs down the stairs, pass the information booth, cross the street; once outside, look to the left for the station. If you come into terminal T2, follow the signs and walk on the overpass to the train station. At the train station you can buy the T-10 ticket from the booth or the machines; quite easy to do. The T-10 ticket allows you to get 10 rides and can be shared by passengers (example; two people can use the same ticket – ticket will count down). At Passeig de Gràcia (abbreviated as Pg de Gràcia), you will need to change to the Metro. Depending on where you are going just look for your respevtive line, if you are going to the crusie port it is a tade tricky, but follow the signs and look for the ‘Green Line.” Once at the metro station, take the (Green Line, L3) directly to Drassanes stop. Upon exiting Drassanes station (to your left you will also be at the end of Las Rambles Street), you will see the statue of Columbus directly in front of you. At the other side of this statue, you will see the Barcelona Pier. You will have to cross the street and head towards the water; start looking to the right for the cruise signs. It is a tad tricky, but you will notice the T-3 Port Bus. The port bus will stop at every cruise terminal, so you don’t have to worry about getting on the ‘right’ T-3 Port Bus. You buy the ticket upon boarding the bus, and the trip will cost you 2 euro per person (cannot use the T-10). If you want to go back into Barcelona, consider buying a round trip ticket which will cost 3 euro and can be used later in the day.

******* During disembarkation day, BE AWARE that the taxi queue is very long, so if you have time before your flight, just reverse the route, or book a taxi in advance.


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