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Brussels a FUN city

From Paris to Brussels is a 1+ hr trip on the express train, cost 22 euro if you buy the ticket online 90 days in advance. Arrived in Brussels a little after 11am… Train station in Brussels midi(be aware that this is NOT Brussels central) was very similar to nice airports… Well laid out, clean shops & food places… Even a little grocery store with fresh baked breads & pastries (best chocolate croissants ever!!!), cheeses, salads, fresh fruits & vegetables in addition to all the ‘normal’ stuff you might think you would find in a mini mart in a train station… had an awesome picnic right in the train station before getting on the metro & finding our way to our hotel “les Ecrins ( very nice place and great location. Brussels metro is organized a little strange… Appearance wise it looks normal … But… signs are limited so be aware  which side of the train to exit so you will be properly positioned to transfer to another line… Very confusing!

Did the comic book walk which is about 30 different murals on sides of buildings all over/around the city center loads of fun but you MUST have a good map, this was great fun and a great way to see and the discover the city, the walk will take a few hrs.

Next day made our way to the musical instruments museum ( lovely museum even if you are not a music fan just listening to the different instruments is quite amazing. Spent about 3 hrs in the museum to include doing lunch on the rooftop bistro of the museum, the view was lovely & it was just fun to do, not outrageously expensive … Finally ate those Belgium French fries and had my fix of Belgian waffles! Brussels is a fun city easy to navigate with reasonable prices. Lots of gardens, churches and palaces to visit throughout the city.


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