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Buenos Aires….TANGO man

Arrived at Buenos Aires in the morning and was taken aback by the heavy traffic and dirty air quality, but I guess that is to be expected as this capital city of Argentina is where 40% of the population lives. For my stay I chose the funky and somewhat unusual Ayres Portenos Tango Suites.

Day 1, I spent with Jonathan whom I had contacted to help guide my group for an extensive 7 hour walking tour of the city using local transport; the highlight was a visit to the Recoleta Cemetary where I faced death at every step, plus a stop at “La Boca” where I wish I had spent more time.

Day 2 came quickly and I opted to get out of the city and booked a bike tour with “Bike It”; this was a terrific way to see the outskirts of BA, ride the local train dragging our bikes on the train with us (a hoot), and canoe on the Tigre River. On my final day I stumbled onto the Fort/Customs House which is FREE admission and lies directly behind the Casa Rosada (Pink House); it is a museum/exhibit and gives you a chance to experience Argentine history and how the country evolved – make this a must stop if you are ever in BA. Argentina was fun visiting but be prepared for sticker shock – HIGH prices for almost everything except public transportation and cheap street food.


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