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Dubai: A modern and bustling city that seems to have almost everything for everyone. The airport is new, clean and the duty free shop is open 24 hrs and you can buy items going into Dubai, be aware that alcohol purchase in Dubai is limited to hotels and you will pay hotel prices, so you might consider buying a bottle on your way in. Taxis are very safe, modern but a tad expensive. This visit (my 4th) I stayed at the “Arabian Courts” hotel in the “Mena bazaar” district or the Bur Dubai area opposite the Dubai museum. Hotel location was fantastic and I would highly recommend this place, not 4 stars, but 5 star service and quality. Here at the things to do;

•Take the Big Bus tour, cheap and the station is opposite the hotel, you will see all the sights.

•Go Skiing at the Emirate Mall, if you can not ski, take a lesson, very reasonable and experience the indoor ski effect. See my wife’s picture as she is getting ready to ski for the first time in her life & that is in the desert!

•The Dubai Creek park, not worth the visit

•Ride the “Arba” across the creek and visit the Gold and Spice “Souk”(market), get the feel of the town while riding the arba, crossing the creek is a 5 minute walk from the hotel.

•Eat dinner at the dozens of local “Indian” places all around the bazaar.

•Go to Jeremiah Beach, free hotel transportation, lovely sandy beach, but HOT!

•Go to TEA at the Borj Al Arab(reservations must be made in advance) Dubai 7 star Hotel, this will be pricey.

•Visit dhow station walk around, about 10 minutes from the hotel.

•Visit the Dubai museum, a must for every visitor located directly opposite the hotel.

•Visit Palm Jumeriah, expensive cab ride.

I returned to Dubai numerous times so I wanted to update the blog for future Dubai visitors. If you are coming to Dubai to catch a cruise ship, the cruise terminal is very close to the “El Mena” district. The majority of name hotels such as “Hyatt etc” are about a 15-20 minute cab ride from the cruise terminal. I would suggest you forget all the big name hotels and stay at the “Arabian Court” hotel which is in the El Mena district and is centrally located to many activities, the most important fact to remember is that if you stay in Dubai you MUST insure that your hotel is within walking distance of the Metro, Dubai tends to get congested and in the evening traffic can gets worse. Dubai is walk friendly during the non summer months, so get a Metro pass for a few days and explore city. No need to pay for the “Big Bus”, the metro will take you to all the places of interest and you will get a great view of the city. Plan a visit “Atlantis” ride the Metro to “internet city” station grab a cab to the monorail station and then ride the monorail both ways across the Palms, riding a cab will not get you the great view. Go Ice skating at the Dubai mall and while there visit the aquarium, the aquarium is not large but still very interesting. Walk outside the mall and admire the lovely architecture walking around outside will give you a feel of being in Venice you will be facing the Burj KHALIFA(world’s tallest building) make sure if you want to visit that you buy your tickets online and save a bundle, in the evening hours watch the free fountain show. For another treat ride the metro to the mall of the emerites and go skiing or just enter the snow slopes (everything is provided). Dubai is a fun city with a lot to offer, just avoid visiting in the summer months.


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