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Fun in Cadiz

Cadiz is a lovely vibrant city with a sandy beach great for sun bathing, swimming and surfing. This ancient port city in southwest Spain is located on a strip of land surrounded by the sea and is off the tourist radar but is a big vacation destination for the Spanish. Prior to my arrival, I had established contact with Oliver/Patrick (, and we were met by our guide “Pablo” across from the tourist center. However, it was raining when we arrived, so we (I had a group of 12) were taken to a small café for complimentary coffee (very classy gesture) while we waited. About an hour later the weather started to clear, yet most of my group decided to go their separate ways (HUGE MISTAKE). Within a few minutes following their departure, the weather cleared and Mr. Sun started to shine. Immediately we hit the bikes and followed our guide Pablo. We started biking through the various city streets, stopping by the three city gates while Pablo explained that the city of Cadiz was once split in various quarters.

We stopped at the Cathedral, then made our way to the Roman theatre ruins museum, followed by winding up along the coast, getting a great view of the 18th-century waterfront cathedral with a golden dome.

As a treat, we biked all the way to Castillo de San Sebastian… located a few hundred meters from the coast along a small path – getting there on a bike is the best way; you battle a few waves but it’s a lot faster than the 2 hr walk. On our return to the city, we worked our way through various side cafes and stopped at the monument marking Spain’s 1st liberal constitution. What an awesome day and a lovely town! This bike tour exceeded every expectation; in addition, this outfit was so gracious that we were not charged any extra fees for the party that canceled…. THANK you, Patrick, and of course Pablo! I cannot wait to return.


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