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Geiranger-Norwegian Fjords

A picture of Geiranger is usually posted for every Norwegian Fjords cruise; in real life it is identical in beauty and magnificence. You tender on arrival in Geiranger which is a small village (permanent population of less than 300); the tender to the dock was only 4-5 minutes at the most. Immediately where the tenders drop passengers there are a few souvenir shops and the ever useful Tourist Information Office where we got information about the local bus, a map and were able to use the internet for free. We opted for the local bus up to the Dalsnibba viewpoint (same as the ship excursion but half the price); the bus ride up to Dalsnibba was more of the incredible scenery in Norway – fjords, mountains, waterfalls, lakes, glaciers that take your breath away. Trip up was about an hour, stopping for picture taking once along the way. We had 20 – 30 minutes at the top viewpoint where there is also a souvenir shop. Back in town, we hit the souvenir shops again and did a little more exploring, stopping at the general store before returning to the ship. Sailing back out to sea, we passed the Seven Sisters, Bridal Veil and the Suitor Waterfall and made sure we were in the Champagne Lounge on board ship in order to get some more amazing pictures.


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