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Lisbon- Bike, Surf & Enjoy

A lovely yet crowded city spread across seven hills facing the Tagus River! Visiting the city is rather unique as it offers a network of terraces/viewpoints by which one can, admire the city from different vantage points, but look for more on this as I saved all this for day #2. Day #1, I was in Old Town, and although the traffic in is quite congested, that was easily overcome. I had booked a bike/surf tour that included a surf lesson through ( ). Our group of four met Miguel our bike guide, and within minutes, we were quickly cycling through the streets, as we made our way to the boardwalk. From then on, we were traffic-free while we biked along the city coastline. We biked below the 25 April Bridge and were able to view the Monument to Christ across the water. Eventually, we rode our bikes onto a ferry which transported us across the Tagus river, winding up almost at the northern tip of the coast (I think it was called Trafaria). We then continued biking along the Coast of Caparica while Miguel continued to point out various sights; great weather, no traffic. Eventually, we stopped at the designated beach and met out surfing instructor, Dário. Following basic surfing instructions and a brief warm-up, we were tackling the waves… place for beginners that day!

After battling the monster waves for an hour, we all conceded we were tired, cold and hungry. We stopped at a sea side café, had a bite and enjoyed the lovely view before making our way back to Lisbon, reversing our route….a beautiful experience filled with so many experiences, and I got to see the city from a different vantage plus surf a bit and learn a little about the people.

Day 2 of visit #1; we spent the entire day touring on the sidecar. An amazing day and so much fun.

2nd visit; ship docks in Old Lisbon so you are close to a number of venues, however, seeing “Cristo Rei” as you sail into this port is an awesome sight. This was my second trip to Lisbon so visiting “Cristo Rei” was on my “must visit list”, but getting to the monument seemed challenging so had to do a little homework. Here is the simple way to reach the monument; as you exit the cruise terminal make a left and follow the river to “Cais do Sodre” ferry terminal. At the ferry terminal buy a round trip ticket at the ticket booth(everyone is helpful) and take the ferry across the river, great views as you cross the river. Once across the river you arrive at “Cacilhas” ferry terminal. Follow the crowd to the bus terminal(on the left) and catch bus 101, you pay the driver for the ticket(keep the receipt) your entire trip travel time is about 45 minutes.

You get off the bus at the last stop and then the “Cristo Rei” views come into play, a magnificent structure and the views of 25 April bridge bridge and river are spectacular. As you walk the grounds you will find the 12 Stations of the Cross Plan so plan for at least two hours taking in the views and atmosphere, at the base of the monument there is a lovely small chapel and the elevators to the top of the monument.

On the way back to town make sure you allow enough time to sit and grab a bite near the ferry terminal as the area is famous for seafood, love Lisbon.


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