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Massage-Puerto Vallarta Port Area(+ Zipline) & Cabo

This was posted by my wife;

I am a nationally licensed massage therapist and am therefore VERY picky and selective about getting bodywork done. However, my husband and I found a place just outside of the port/terminal area in Puerto Vallarta that was clean, safe, and VERY therapeutic! The Essence Massage Clinic is one of 3 or 4 right outside of the terminal area (they also have an internet café in the area, a pharmacy, a knickknack place, a restaurant in the center). The address is simply Plaza Marso L.F, frente a la terminal Maritima (in front of the terminal Maritima). The phone number is 322-293-08-33, but my husband and I just walked in. They used a great blend of aromatherapy essential oils and an amazing combination of deep tissue and Swedish to basically ‘put me back together’ when I was all messed up both from stress and after pulling a shoulder muscle zip lining that day! I actually bought a small bottle of the essential oil blend that my therapist used while working on me. They did have a little trouble understanding that I wanted to buy a small bottle, but one of them went out and came back with their manager (I presume) who spoke English, and I was very happy with my bottle of ‘heaven’ that I brought back with me! I think they are the same place I have been to before when we were in Puerto Vallarta, and they did a great reflexology treatment at that time in addition to a great deep tissue massage. We used cash and I didn’t notice if they take any credit cards. So, lose your fears and reservations about getting body work in Mexico and pay less than you would on board! Relax and enjoy your visit in Puerto Vallarta!

For those who love a little fun, this is the port to give Zipline a try.

Cabo; Cabo San Lucas has some wonderful massage location choices, and my husband and I found a place that was not only great but was very reasonable as far as prices. It also offered a shower before or after your session, which was great. Very clean and professional. I asked for deep tissue, and I got exactly what I asked for! Soco (my therapist) was wonderful! My husband was also impressed with his therapist (we missed getting her name). We would highly recommend the Bel Air Salon Service & Euro Massages to anyone who needs some relaxation and/or therapeutic massage while on their cruise or vacation in Cabo! They are located at Hidalgo Street and Cardenas Avenue near the museum and town square area. Hours are 10am – 8pm Monday – Saturday. I just walked in, but you can make an appointment if you like: ; phone: 143-1125; cell: 624-165-4074. They also offer a variety of salon treatments (body treatments, facials, waxing, manicure/pedicures etc) and take Mastercard or Visa if you need to use a credit card. My husband and I used cash.


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