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Been to Mazatlan four times, did Randy’s happy excursion with family, second visit I went to the other end of town on a local bus and booked with Ginger’s horses(no longer in operation), liked both but with Randy she picks you up, with Ginger you need to do get there, but that is part of the fun. Riding the local bus was 95% cheaper than a cab and worth it. If you plan to do either bring your bathing suit, towel and a lot of change. Note; Ginger is no longer in business so I would not recommend finding your way to the other beach. But if u like adventure go for it.

STONE ISLAND(SI): This is where Randy does her horses, but I would recommend to anyone to just spend the day at SI, there are so many activities u can do, getting to SI is a piece of cake. This is how you get to SI, once u exit the main dock area make an immediate left and keep walking about 3/4 mile, u will come to a dirt road, there will be a military guard shack on your left, keep walking down the dirt road and u will find a small hut where u buy your tickets to ride across to SI, BUY A round trip ticket, cost is about $3 RT. The small boat will take u across to SI, once u get off the small boat/ferry, u walk up and keep walking straight and u are at the start of SI beach. There are many places to just sit, choose a restaurant, promise to eat lunch there and they will let you use their chairs and umbrellas. I choose “VICTORS”, The manager (Chris) who is a Canadian is very friendly. U can basically rent what u want on the island. Be aware that they only sell beer as far as alcohol on the island, it u bring your own liquor u can have them do the mix. SI is a MUST.

On another trip , I booked my wife and I massage at the “ Aquarama Spa”. Website is . The place is run by an expat “knute berry”, we have been there twice, once it was great and once not so good, but very safe and easy to get to.

The group on Randi’s Happy Horses:


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