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Dubrovnick-the WALL & Lukrom Island

This famous landmark built between the 12th–17th centuries should be on your list when visiting Dubrovnik. The wall surrounds the old town and is a well preserved. To reach the top of the walls there are a number of steep steps to climb and navigate, however, once on top the views at every corner are worth it and. The walls are about a mile and half is length and it will take you around 2 hrs at an easy pace. During my walk I was able to explore Dubrovnik from a completely new angle. Upon climbing the highest point of Dubrovnik’s Old Town(the rounded Minceta Fortress), I got to enjoy the city’s red roofs, along the southern section of the city’s walls(facing the ocean) you will get to enjoy a view of the many sailing boats and the kayakers as they pass below. Towards the end of the walk(depending on were you start You will also see Buza beach – a rocky spot beneath the city walls – this is a unique hidden place for swimming and sunbathing. Due the heat I decided to forgo a visit to Lovrijenac Fortress which is located across the city walls and rises up on a 37 meters high cliff( you city wall ticket gets you into both places). Put the wall on your list and try avoiding the walk between 11-3pm

On another Dubrovnik visit I wanted to get away from the tourist crowd, I walked of the cruise ship and took the local bus to the last stop. Walked down and through the PILE gate followed the main street and out at the other end which is the old city pier. There I found the ferry for the 20 minute ride to Lokrum Island, a small island about 1/1/2 miles in length with plenty fun sights and where no cars are permitted.

It is home to a small botanical garden and many peacocks because the island was once the holiday home of Archduke Maximilian Ferdinand of Habsburg. This island is not a tourist trap, once at the island you follow the many paths , I got to a place called the “Dead Sea”(you though it was only in the middle east) jumped in for a dip and then strolled through the Benedictine Ruins which are located in the center of the island. There you will get a chance to sit on a replica of the throne in “Game of Thrones”, this replica is located inside the ruins and you are allowed to sit on it and dream away. For the brave I took the challenge walked up to Fort Royal( did it twice/yes dumb idea about 400 steps).. not much of a fort left but what an awesome view

To cool off I jumped back into the sea from various points, there are many swimming areas or you can just jump in, swim wear is optional. This is a great place to spend the day and enjoy Dubnovnik away from the crowds. Put Lokrum island on your list.


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