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Sitka- Alaska

Let me first say that I consider May the best month to visit Alaska… why because of the RAIN. On average, Alaska’s summers are slightly rainier than the rest of the U.S., but May is comparatively dry, with only a 25% chance of measurable rain on any given day. In addition, if you go early in May, there are fewer crowds and very few mosquitoes!


Sitka is another lovely little wilderness town to visit with lots to see. For this stop, I took on the bumpiest ride I have ever taken as I embarked on “ocean raft adventure” (

ready for ride

You are provided a flotation suit and then you board a 26 foot Zodiac type inflatable boat that has only six seats, and off you go exploring the coastline at about 35 knots, riding high over the waves in open water. It was windy and a tad rough, so be prepared for a WILD ride. Not much wildlife, but the ride will live forever. Following the ride, walked through the Totem National Park before going through town.


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