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A busy port but a lovely island with a lot of ship and local traffic. I visited St. Lucia twice; it is one of my favorite Caribbean stops with a lot of sights to see. On both visits I booked with “St. Lucia Frank/”. He is an honest person and does his very best to please you and loves to joke around, and if you ask him, he will lead you to the best shopping places even though I am not a shopper. He is always waiting at the designated spot when I get off the ship. On my first visit I did the standard tourist thing; a Van tour. My party and I saw the volcano, some scenic spots, a waterfall and a beach between the Pitons (Jaulise… this is a MUST and you will need to spend at least two hrs there as they had the best snorkeling I have ever experienced in my life). On my second visit I opted for the Volcanic Mud baths (there is no cost, you are in natural volcanic water and you can cover yourself in mud, people pay hundreds of dollars for the fake stuff) it was a total hoot and I loved it. We then went direct to the beach between the Pitons as I mentioned and it was GREAT! Overall a great island, but be warned the roads are small and there is a lot of turning and winding. The only things I bought where the tasty hot and spicy sauces.

My wife covered in mud, lots of fun


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