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Strasbourg a one day stop

A cute town, with fabulous wine & easy to get reach by train, while at the train station took a few minutes and admired the architecture all around the station. Hurried on down to the water bus & did a tour of the river/little canals. Found the historical wine cave that is in the basement of a hospital ( founded in 1395 somehow a hospital got built on top of it, no guide or tour you are just allowed to meander around thru the caves, wish I had bought a bottle of that great wine. Walked on over to the area named “Petite France” lot of shops and small stores but you get to see it on the boat tour.

Booked a nights stay at Hotel Hannog a charming boutique hotel ( the center of town decent prices. Wandered around looking for “Flams” a dinner place ( serving traditional Alsace food and found it … It’s like an almost paper thin crust pizza, ate that and an Alsace salad with sausage, grated Alsace cheese, onions & a little lettuce & tomato … Very yummy & satisfying.

Next day climbed the 322 steps in the cathedral of Notre dame ( then bought my ticket to see the astrometric clock inside the cathedral..It starts with a 30 min film telling you about the clock… & finally…

The moment we were waiting for at 12:30… All the little statues begin to come to life … Ringing bells, moving around, rooster crowing & flapping his wings. Cool yes but a lot of standing, we then made a dash to the train station and headed to Zurich.

See the clock in action; (visit Youtube link below)

Astrometric clock (2)


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