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Tromso-Norwegian Fjords

As the ship sails into Tromso…we can’t see more than a foot in front of our face! Fog surrounds us and we are concerned that we won’t see much… But the captain promised us that the fog would lift as we head into port. Tromso is a relatively large town and you dock at the pier on the outskirts of the town. The ship has a shuttle (cost $12R/T) that will take you to the middle of downtown and very close to the tourist information. The plan was to see the Arctic Cathedral first by taking the local bus, but after waiting 20 minutes, our group of 8 decided to split two taxis (cost was 25 NOK pp, cheaper than the bus by 1 NOK). We arrived at the Arctic Cathedral in about 5 minutes before many of the crowds and buses. Following our picture taking which included some great shots of the bridge disappearing into the fog not totally lifted yet (you must cross this long bridge with a pedestrian walkway to get to the cathedral), we begin walking to the Mount Fløya cable car entrance which is about a 15 minute leisurely walk through a residential neighborhood. By the time we arrived at the cable car entrance, the fog had totally burned off and the view is beginning to be all that was promised and more. The lines for getting on the cable car were not too long and about 10 minutes later, we were in a cable car that took us up to 421 meters above sea level, to Storsteinen on Mount Fløya; trip takes four minutes. At the top you get a magnificent view of Tromso; watching planes taking off from the local airport was an unexpected treat. Back down at the entrance to the cable car, part of our group decided to walk across the bridge while some of us eventually catch the bus. Back in the center of town, we grab a bite to eat and then enjoy some street music as we walk around, wind up at the local library (a very cool looking building) where we enjoy free internet and wifi, and end our day watching some fishermen catch fish at the dock. Lovely town with much to see, buy and enjoy.


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