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Varna-Bulgaria.. Independence day

A tender port (about 10 minutes ride and a lovely view of this lovely city). The town is simply delightful with many interesting sights. As you walk to the main town square, you will pass an outdoor museum laced with former Soviet military equipment and a huge swimming and bath complex I had arranged with Marina ( to visit the city on bikes. Marina was great in all her email responses (be aware she only does the biking tours to help tourists and can be slow at responding) and was a wonderful guide. We started our trip at the town square and worked our way to the cathedral; we lucked out as the day in town was a national independence day for Bulgaria, so we got to see a band, troops marching and local folk dancing. From the cathedral/town square, we biked to the Roman Baths, stopping for a quick local shopping coup, and continued along the area opposite the beach where we grabbed a bite of local eats which was charming and unique. After lunch, we worked our way through the Sea Garden and back to town. Marina was filled with enthusiasm and was happy to tell us all about her town; what more can be said?


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