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Verona oh Verona

Have you ever visited a new place and instantly loved it, for me it is Verona, Italy. This was my second visit to Verona which is gorgeous, similar to Venice but without the canals, the decay, and the huge numbers of tourists. For my stay in Verona I opted once again to stay at “Hotel Verona”, (, nice, great location and provides free bikes. For first time visitors I recommend you start by wandering “Centro Storico” which is the historic center of Verona. This is where you will find many of the main sights in the city, like the wide piazzas, Juliette’s house( remember Shakespeare/ Romeo and Juliette), and churches galore. Verona has numerous bridges with the “Ponte Pietra” being the prettiest. Cross that bridge and ride the funicular to the top and get a panoramic view of the city. For more fun grab a bike and just follow the river around town while discovering many of the cool sights. For restaurants the choices are endless but stay away from the tourist traps on the plaza. Put this gem of a city on your next Italy visit.


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